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    类别:英文宗教小说 点击次数:8864 作者: 未知

    简介:    Now these are the names of the children of Israel, which came into Egypt; every man and his household came with Jacob.     Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah,  &a...

    俄巴底亚书 Obadiah

    类别:双语小说 点击次数:1748 作者: 未知

    简介:1:1 [hgb]  俄 巴 底 亚 得 了 耶 和 华 的 默 示 。 论 以 东 , 说 , 我 从 耶 和 华 那 里 听 见 信 息 , 并 有 使 者 被 差 往 列 国 去 , 说 , 起 来 吧 , 一 同 起 来 与 以 东 争 战 。      [kjv]  The vision of Obadiah. Thus sai...

    儿子与情人 Sons and Lovers

    类别:经典英文小说 点击次数:21943 作者: 未知


    End Zone

    类别:经典英文小说 点击次数:2113 作者: 未知

    简介:Gary Harkness is a football player and student at Logos College, West Texas. During a season of unprecedented success on the football field, he becomes increasingly obsessed with the threat of nuclear...

    Eight Cousins

    类别:英文短篇小说 点击次数:2780 作者: Louisa May Alcott

    简介:Eight Cousins, or The Aunt-Hill was published in 1875 by American novelist Louisa May Alcott. It is the story of Rose Campbell, a lonely and sickly girl who has been recently orphaned and must now res...


    类别:英文短篇小说 点击次数:2781 作者: 未知

    简介:I HAVE never yet seen an adequate definition of Romance, and I am not going to attempt one. But I take it that it means in the widest sense that which affects the mind with a sense of wonder the surpr...

    East Lynne

    类别:经典英文小说 点击次数:2319 作者: 未知

    简介:East Lynne is an English sensation novel of 1861 by Ellen Wood. East Lynne was a Victorian bestseller. It is remembered chiefly for its elaborate and implausible plot, centreing on infidelity and doub...

    Elizabeth and Essex

    类别:英文短篇小说 点击次数:2076 作者: 未知

    简介:One of the most famous and baffling romances in history-between Elizabeth I, Queen of England and Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex-began in May of 1587, when she was fifty-three and he was just shy of t...

    Edinburgh Picturesque Notes

    类别:英文短篇小说 点击次数:1651 作者: 未知


    End of the Tether

    类别:英文短篇小说 点击次数:2291 作者: 未知

    简介:For a long time after the course of the steamer Sofala had been altered for the land, the low swampy coast had retained its appearance of a mere smudge of darkness beyond a belt of glitter. The sunray...

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