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    Vineland 葡萄园地

    类别:经典英文小说 点击次数:4278 作者: Thomas Pynchon托马斯·品钦

    简介:Vineland is a 1990 novel by Thomas Pynchon, a postmodern fiction set in California, United States in 1984, the year of Ronald Reagan's re-election. Through flashbacks by its characters, who have lived...

    Vanity Fair名利场

    类别:经典英文小说 点击次数:25389 作者: William Makepeace Thackeray威廉·梅克比斯·萨克雷

    简介:Vanity Fair: A Novel without a Hero is a novel by William Makepeace Thackeray, first published in 1847–48, satirizing society in early 19th-century Britain. The book's title comes from John Bunyan's a...


    类别:英文短篇小说 点击次数:2736 作者: Thomas Pynchon托马斯·品钦

    简介:Having just been released from the Navy, Benny Profane is content to lead a slothful existence with his friends, where the only real ambition is to perfect the art of schlemihlhood, or being a dupe, a...

    Vailima Letters

    类别:经典英文小说 点击次数:1598 作者: Robert Louis Stevenson罗伯特·路易斯·史蒂文森

    简介:My Dear Colvin,This is a hard and interesting and beautiful life that we lead now. Our place is in a deep cleft of Vaea Mountain, some six hundred feet above the sea, embowered in forest, which is our...


    类别:经典英文小说 点击次数:1029 作者: 未知

    简介:THE other nations of Europe were yet immersed in barbarism, when Italy, where the light of civilization had never been wholly eclipsed, began to emerge from the darkness of the ruin of the Western Emp...

    Venetian Life

    类别:英文短篇小说 点击次数:1941 作者: William Dean Howells

    简介:In correcting this book for a second edition, I have sought to complete it without altering its original plan: I have given a new chapter sketching the history of Venetian Commerce and noticing the pr...


    类别:经典英文小说 点击次数:1393 作者: Benjamin Franklin

    简介:Some ten years before the revolt of our American colonies, there was situate in one of our midland counties, on the borders of an extensive forest, an ancient hall that belonged to the Herberts, but w...


    类别:英文名人传记 点击次数:2302 作者: George Gissing 乔治·吉辛

    简介:Seven years long had the armies of Justinian warred against the Goths in Italy. Victor from Rhegium to Ravenna, the great commander Belisarius had returned to the East, Carrying captive a Gothic king....


    类别:经典英文小说 点击次数:1963 作者: 未知

    简介:Axel Heyst, a dreamer and a restless drifter, believes he can avoid suffering by cutting himself off from others. Then he becomes involved in the operation of a coal company on a remote island in the ...


    类别:经典英文小说 点击次数:1631 作者: Charlotte Bronte


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